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Principal roles

Auditions are held for all principal roles

Small comprimario roles may be cast from the chorus. 

Everyone performing in one of our shows needs to be a member of the company. Membership fees are paid annually (at the moment £10 a year). Membership of the company does not guarantee any individual will be cast in a show. In addition to the membership fee, members will have to pay a show fee to perform in a show.All members appearing in a production, will be covered by the company’s insurance.

To audition you do not have to be a member, and we do not charge an audition fee.

For difficult to cast roles, we may waive the show fee and even though we are an amateur company, we may be able to pay expenses.

Please do get in contact should you need any more information


We’re always looking for new members to join our chorus, a simple audition to determine voice range will be held for all chorus members.  


You do not need to have experience or read music, just enthusiasm and the ability to sing in tune! 

Different shows have different requirements, some shows need singing actors and some will need dancers who don’t need to sing.

Small comprimario (supporting) roles may be cast from the chorus. 

backstagE TEAM

It takes a lot of people to put on an opera, if you’d rather be behind the scenes, we always need help backstage and will have something for you to do!  It may be set building, handling props, helping with costumes, or something else, a whole heap of other skills are required!